A typical day in the 3's classroom begins as each child enters the room and is greeted by their teacher.  The children can then choose an activity such as play dough, dramatic play, fine motor table, sensory table or the block area.  Throughout the day children are learning many skills, such as sharing, turn taking, introduction to colors, shapes, new songs and prayers.  These skills are taught at circle time and group activities.  Snack is a great time for children to try new fruits and vegetables as well as have quiet conversation with peers and teachers.  They also practice pouring water and cleaning up after themselves. Large motor skills are practiced in the gym, on the playground and at circle time.  Children can run, jump, use bikes, scooters and play games.  The day always ends with a story and goodbye song.


9:15am - 11:45am

$1600 annual tuition

$160 monthly payment

Welcome to the four-year old preschool classroom!  Our typical day begins as each child is individually greeted at the door by the teacher.  The children are then encouraged to explore and play with others through free play activities.  These choices include dramatic play, play dough, puzzles, classroom library, sensory table, work bench, writing table, blocks, as well as table top sorting and counting activities. After free play, the children sit down for circle time where we share a greeting, sing songs, look at the days calendar and events, and then graph the weather.  The children will then learn, explore and share through teacher-directed small group activities which include literacy, art, math and science. Story time, prayer and snack follow where the children practice manners and conversational skills. Large motor skills are encouraged on the outdoor playground or in the large gym with the use of scooters, tricycles, tunnels, balls, obstacle courses and games.  Our day ends with circle time where we say our closing prayer and goodbye song before the children leave to go home.



12:30pm - 3:00pm

$1850 annual tuition

 $185 monthly payment

*This class is for older 4-year olds and younger 5-year olds whose parents would like to give an extra year of preschool before sending their child to kindergarten.*

A typical day in the Pre-K Class starts with a circle to organize our day, give children a chance to share events in their lives, and present and review material.  The children participate in one to four groups each day depending on the scope of each group.  These hands-on group activities allow the children to explore and learn skills and information in a way that integrates subject matter such as literacy, science, art, and math in a developmentally appropriate way.  Play and snack time provide a time to practice social skills and the children often incorporate information that has been shared in groups. Our religious education is age appropriate, includes multiple service projects, and focuses on a love of God and caring for others and for the world He has given us.



9:00am - 11:30am

$1100 annual tuition

$110 monthly payment



9:00am - 11:30am

$1100 annual tuition

$110 monthly payment


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